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Become A PTA Member

Dear Parents, Guardians and/or Family Members,

We would like to welcome you to the Stratford Road PTA for the 2021–2022 school year!

We are currently conducting our annual PTA membership drive, and we need your help to provide enriching and exciting school experiences for our children. Your financial support, of $10 per individual, helps us to provide a variety of cultural arts programs. This money also lends support to the state and federal organizations that voice our concerns to our legislative representatives.

We would love to have you as PTA members. Please visit our online PTA membership page to enter your information and pay your dues.  You have the option of becoming a PTA member online by clicking the link, which is available on our Member Hub SR PTA Store link at

**Anyone considering being involved as a class parent, chaperoning a class trip, voting at a PTA meeting, being on/or chairing a committee is REQUIRED to be a 2021-2022 member of the SR PTA.***  Even if you cannot be involved in any of these ways, your membership makes a difference! We strongly encourage more than one family member to join (e.g., mother, father, step-parent, guardian, grandparent, etc.)  


Help make a difference in our children’s education and support the Stratford Road PTA.

Join our Stratford Road Member Hub today and receive weekly announcements, sign-ups, calendar of school events, PTA Meetings and more, at


Lori Lean                                                                          Lauren Finelli and Michelle Plevretes

Vice President, Membership                                                     SR PTA Co-Presidents